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Remaining on good terms with your employer after leaving your job has many long-term benefits.离职后仍然与雇主保持良好关系,你可以获得许多持久的益处。You Will Need你需要Communication skills沟通技巧Steps步骤Step 1 Speak highly of your former employer1.赞扬前雇主Whenever the opportunity presents itself, speak highly of your former job and colleagues. Words travel, and a positive framing of your experiences will curry favor and reflect positively on you.在任何可能的情况下,赞扬你以前的工作和同事。你的话会传到别人耳朵里,对工作的积极评价会引起别人的好感,让你得到积极的回报。Step 2 Stay in touch2.保持联系Stay in touch with your former employer. Involve the company in new business dealings, or keep them posted through e-mails.Stay on top of industry news and gossip. 与前雇主保持联系。与公司进行新的交易,或者通过电子邮件进行沟通。时刻了解行业新闻和流言。Step 3 Stay in touch with former colleagues3.与以前的同事联系Stay in touch with your former colleagues – let them know of any new business ventures, or simply send an occasional ;hello.;与以前的同事保持联系——让他们了解最新的商业活动,或者简单地偶尔问候一下。Step 4 Consult with former colleagues4.与前同事协商Consult with former colleagues, particularly about new opportunities. Talk about your accomplishments and responsibilities to remind them of your contributions.与前同事协商,尤其是关于新的机会。讲述自己的成就和责任感,提醒他们你做出的贡献。Step 5 Seize communication opportunities5.抓住沟通机会Use any opportunity to send a former employer or colleagues a congratulatory message, or a simple ;thank you; if they lend a hand with finding a new job.利用任何机会向前雇主或同事发送祝贺信息,或者如果他们帮助你找到新的工作,说一句“谢谢”!Americans, 60 percent of them said an extra ;thank-you; went a long way toward increasing productivity. 60%的美国人表示,多说一句“谢谢”对于提高工作效率大有裨益。视频听力栏目译文属。 Article/201304/237533绍兴市第五医院看冷光牙齿好吗蓝草三兄弟:Jonny,Robbie和Johnny所组成的The Sleepy Man Banjo Boys三重奏给我们带来令人眼花缭乱活力表演。你可知道他们都还没到16岁吗? Article/201405/294894杭州儿童牙齿矫正的危害We both attended the University of Washington.We would get together on campus and attend our classes, occasionally,when we weren#39;t doing Kung Fu or something else.一起进入华盛顿大学后,在不练习功夫的闲暇之余我们就开始在校园里一起漫步,偶尔一起上课。And then when we were both done with our classes,we would rush back to his studio,which was just right there in the university district,and we#39;d turn on the TV and watch General Hospital every day.And it was like,;We have to get there. It#39;s almost three o#39;clock!;我们上完课以后总会快步回到他位于大学区内的国术馆,然后打开电视收看每天的《综合医院》。当时经常这么说,;快三点了 赶紧过去;In the 60s, marriages were happening in California.In the rest of the country there were no interracial marriages.I mean, it was very difficult.在60年代的加州出现了异族通婚,但其他地区却不允许异族婚姻,这非常棘手。My mother was not thrilled when we decided to get married,and didn#39;t want her daughter to have to suffer any negativity from others.我母亲听说我们要结婚的消息后并不惊喜,相反她不希望我受到任何负面舆论压力的影响The ban on interracial marriage was lifted in 1968.That didn#39;t mean the ban lifted in people#39;s hearts.政府于1968年解除了异族婚姻的禁令,但人们心中仍然存在偏见。Bruce was very strong in saying,;I want to marry Linda. I know that we are a good match.;And so we did get married. It was really hard on my mother.But it wasn#39;t long before she came to love Bruce very much.布鲁斯的态度则十分强硬,;我一定会娶琳达。我们是天作之合;,最终我们结婚了,刚开始我妈妈并不高兴,不过不久她也逐渐接受了布鲁斯。It#39;s so important to know that it was his wife Linda that grounded him.She was his rock.As a couple,we really did not suffer any prejudice from outsiders,and I think this had a great deal to do with Bruce#39;s overwhelming personality.很重要的一点是妻子琳达是他成功的基础,她是他坚强的后盾。作为夫妻,我们并没有受到什么舆论的影响,这都归功于布鲁斯坚韧不拔的性格 Article/201311/264158浙江省杭州种植牙齿一般需要多少钱

杭州看牙要多少钱浙江省妇幼保健院纯钛烤瓷牙怎么样The use of bombing escalates on all sides in World War II,二战参战各方对炸弹的使用均呈上升势头so that whole cities of civilians are being hit.整座整座的城市及其居民被当成袭击目标Now the US military hope a single bomb can destroy an entire city.美军希望研制出能单发炸毁一座城市的武器Wreaking that kind of mass destruction,决定研制那种大规模杀伤性武器that was something new in the history of warfare.势必掀开战争史崭新的一页The atomic bomb has put an emphatic punctuation to that decision,原子弹就是这个决定中浓墨重的一笔but the decision was way before 19-- August of 1945.但决定时间其实远早于1945年8月If this test works, there are more atomic bombs to use on the Japanese, in hopes of ending the war.如果试验成功,将有更多的原子弹能够投入对日作战,战争结束指日可待29,Deputy Commanding General of the Manhattan Project,29...曼哈顿计划的副总司令Thomas Farrell, watches Oppenheimer.托马斯·法雷尔 注视着奥本海默Dr. Oppenheimer grew tenser as the last seconds ticked off.奥本海默士在最后的几秒变得异常紧张起来He scarcely breathed.他几乎屏住了呼吸He stared directly ahead.直视着正前方.. 11,10, 9,8, 7, 6,5, 4, 3,2, 1.十一 十 九 八 七 六 五 四 三 二 一The temperature generated at the center of the explosion is 10,000 times greater than the surface of the sun.爆炸中心产生的温度是太阳表面的一万倍The heat turns the desert sand to glass.高温将大漠的沙砾熔成了玻璃The explosion is more massive than even Oppenheimer expects.爆炸的威力甚至超过了奥本海默本人的预期When it went off in the New Mexico dawn,当原子弹在黎明的新墨西哥州被引爆之时that first atomic bomb, we thought of Alfred Nobel and his hope,人们想起了阿尔弗雷德·诺贝尔和他生前的愿望his vain hope, that dynamite would put an end to wars.他希望炸药能结束所有战争的渺茫愿望 /201303/228163When one person is suddenly home all day, the rules and routines sometimes have to be renegotiated.如果恋人中的一方突然每天赋闲在家,一些规律和规则有时需要重新协商。You Will Need你需要Understanding理解A heart-to-heart交心Respect尊重Optimism乐观Steps步骤Step 1 Cut them some slack1.让他放手一搏If your spouse is trying to find another job, don#39;t expect them to start doing all the housework. Looking for a job,especially in a bad economy, can be a full-time job in itself.如果你的配偶想重新找一份工作,不要期待他们担负起所有的家务。找工作,尤其是在糟糕的经济环境下,本身就是一份全职工作。Step 2 But don#39;t be a sap, either2.也不要纵容But don#39;t cut them too much slack, either. If it becomes obvious your loved one is neither looking for a job nor pitching in with the kids or housework, it#39;s time for a serious discussion.但是也不要过分放纵。如果你的爱人既没有找工作,又不做家务或看孩子,是时候进行严肃的谈话了。Step 3 Discuss expectations3.讨论期望Discuss one another#39;s expectations, preferably before tempers flare. Come to a mutually acceptable agreement on what housework or child care, if any, the out-of-work partner will assume until they find another job.互相讨论自己的期望,最好在发脾气之前。达成双方都能接受的协议,家务和看孩子怎样分配,失业的一方将一直遵守该协议至重新就业。Step 4 Treat your partner like an adult4.像成年人一样对待对方Don#39;t subject them to a daily grilling on what they#39;re doing to find work, or what they did all day while you were out. They are no doubt aly feeling inadequate.不要总是追问他为找工作做了哪些努力,你不在的一整天他都在做什么。他们已经觉得不胜其烦了。Step 5 Be on the lookout5.保持警惕Be on the lookout for signs of depression, like sleeping too much or not being able to sleep, or over- or undereating. If your partner turns to alcohol, drugs, porn, gambling, or other destructive behaviors, insist they get counseling.时刻警惕对方是否出现抑郁的迹象,例如睡眠过多或失眠,或者食量骤减。如果你的伴侣堕入酒精,药物,色情作品,或其他有害的行为,建议他们咨询医生。Men are particularly susceptible to depression after a job loss because much of their self-esteem is tied to their work.男性失业后更容易陷入抑郁情绪,因为他们的自尊心很大程度上与工作联系在一起。Step 6 Keep up their spirits6.鼓励他们Keep assuring them that you have complete faith in their ability to find another job. Most importantly, stay positive yourself.不断向他们保,你完全相信他们有能力找到新的工作。最重要的是,自己要保持积极乐观。The American Time-Use Survey shows men tend to do less housework after they lose their job.美国人“时间利用”调查报告显示,男性失业后承担的家务反而更少。视频听力译文由。 Article/201409/327076杭州做好的看牙费用多少Whether you are trying to build a personal or professional relationship, the following tips will help you build interpersonalbridges.无论你是想发展个人还是职业关系,下面的建议都可以帮助你建立人与人之间交往的桥梁。You Will Need你需要Listening skills倾听技巧Ability to overlook faults忽视错误的能力Mutual expectations相互期望Common ground共同语言Humor幽默Spontaneity自发性Steps步骤STEP 1 Listen1.倾听Take time to listen to the other person. Do not attempt to dominate every conversation.花费一点时间来倾听对话说话。不要试图主导每场对话。Don#39;t insist on winning every argument or on always having the last word.不要坚持赢得每场争论或拥有最后的决定权。STEP 2 Forgive2.原谅Be willing to overlook faults in the other person.愿意忽略对方的错误。Remember that you, too, have faults.要记住,你自己也有犯错误的时候。STEP 3 Seek out mutual benefits3.寻找共同利益Don#39;t approach the relationship as a source of gain for only yourself; instead, seek out mutual benefits.不要只将这段关系视为你自己获益的源泉,而是互惠互利。STEP 4 Look for common ground4.寻找共同点Seek out common ground. This will establish mutual expectations.寻找共同点,这样可以为双方形成共同的期望。STEP 5 Use humor5.使用幽默Use humor to smooth over rough moments in the relationship.使用幽默感来度过一段关系中比较艰难的时刻。Remember that life is 10 percent what happens to you and 90 percent how you react to it.要记住,生活的10%在于发生的事情,而另外90%取决于你的反应措施。STEP 6 Stay spontaneous6.自发性Keep the relationship spontaneous. Don#39;t let the monotony of life#39;s day-to-day challenges bring you down. Instead, try something new! Enjoy your relationships!让这段关系自然而然。不要让日复一日的挑战的枯燥把你打倒。尝试新的东西!享受你们的关系!The first psychological experiment was conducted around 700 E in Egypt.第一次心里测试于公元前700年在埃及进行。视频听力译文由。 Article/201404/287321杭州市牙齿矫正哪个医院好

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